Subida el pico del Veleta / Francisco Carreño


  • Production date: 2021
  • Technique: silk-screen
  • Colours: 9 colours (blue, violet, two different yellows, three different greys and two whites).
  • Paper: Fabiano Academia Cardboard 350 gr/m², 100 % cotton.
  • Edition: 55 prints, 2 P/C, 5 P/T, 5 P/A y 5 H/C.
  • Hand-signed and numbered by the artist.
  • Paper dimensions: 42 x 29,7 cm.
  • Image dimensions: 37,5 x 25,7 cm.

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Francisco Carreño’s “Subida al pico del Veleta” is a nine-colour serigraph that shows  Sierra Nevada’s beauty. He also depicts the natural power of landscape painting from within the mountains. Carreño’s landscape looks more imaginary than real, showing his mastery of different textures and light qualities on nature’s materials. Subtle veilings and transparencies allow the painter to nuance colours, using these in an apparently risky manner.


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Dimensions 47 × 33 × 1 cm