Cady Roberts’s reply / Cristina Ramírez


  • Production date: 2021.
  • Technique: silk-screen.
  • Colours: 3 (ghost white, glow in the dark and grey).
  • Paper: Magnani incisioni 310 gr/m².
  • Editon: 50 prints, 2 P/C, 1 P/T, 3 P/A y 2 H/C.
  • Hand-signed and numbered by the artist.
  • Paper dimensions: 42 x 29,7 cm.
  • Image dimensions: 37,5 x 25,7 cm.

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Cristina Ramírez’s silkscreen for DinA3 deals with the idea of ​​a ghost. Each of its three inks turns the print into an apparition. The main figure is stamped in grey on a background for which an ink known as ‘Ghost White’ (a web colour created in 1987) has been used. The combination of both inks and their particularities results in a low contrast image in which the background and the figure look fainted or revealed, depending on the environment’s light changes. The third ink is an invisible, phosphorescent material activated when the image is in a dark environment, thus making the piece shine.

‘Cady Robert’s reply’ mutability turns us into active spectators and forces us to make decisions for its observation, interweaving fiction and reality.

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